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Unique Story of Ruby’s Inn at Bryce Canyon

Have You Heard This Story?

Each National Park has a story.  And the entrance to Bryce Canyon has its own story that you can be a part of.  100 years ago, a rancher named Reuben (Ruby) Syrett established his new ranch in Southern Utah.  After arriving in the area, he was told about Bryce Canyon, a few miles away.  Ruby had never heard of the place, but decided to go visit.  After arriving by buggy, he was amazed by the fantastic scenery and unique formations. He decided to build a place for people to stay and marvel at the sights.  They obtained permission to build a lodge, which he called it Tourist Rest. 

In 1923 Bryce Canyon became a National Monument.  He was asked, or told, that his lodge would be purchased.  The National Park System and Union Pacific Railroad decided to build their own lodge in this same location.  So Ruby retreated to his Ranch, and wisely asked the park service where they were going to build the road to access the canyon.  He offered them the land to build it across his land,  therefore securing exclusive access to visitors entering the park.  This brilliant move paved the way for his business and the future business of his family. The Syrett family continues today to manage and develop a beautiful and comfortable resort area at the entrance to Bryce Canyon National Park.

Perfect Location

Since this National Park has just one entrance, this key location of Ruby’s Inn has providently allowed the family to have the exclusive on the prime location, park-front, for all of these years.  In return for this beneficial situation, the Syrett family has managed and operated the resort in a way that only adds to, and doesn’t take away from, the beautiful natural setting.  Ruby’s Inn offers guests very good value and an unbeatable location. 

Today, the resort includes lodging at three properties, ranging from affordable to luxurious, as well as a variety of activities such as horseback riding, rodeos, western shows, winter sleigh rides, and various dining options.  It is a delightful place to base your trip and experience the wonder of Bryce Canyon National Park. 

Visitors can reach Ruby’s Inn and Bryce Canyon National Park by Shuttle Service from Las Vegas, St. George or Zion National Park with National Park Express. 

Photographers Paradise

There are so many unique rock formations at Bryce Canyon National Park, that you will want to keep taking pictures from every angle.  The hoodoos, arches, sculpted walls, and other formations without defined names, come together in an orchestra of sight to delight the eyes.  The shades of red in the rocks set off the deep blue sky, mingled with evergreen trees and sometimes white clouds or snow to offer a kaleidoscope of colors.  Can natural colors be this vivid?  It almost doesn’t seem real, and you wonder what has taken you so long to get to this breathtaking destination.  

Which Activity Will You Choose?

It will be hard to choose from an amazing variety of activities at Ruby’s Inn.  Guests can choose from any of these:

  • Horseback Riding
  • Guided ATV Tours
  • Canyon to Canyon Bike Ride
  • Rodeo
  • Mountain Biking
  • Hiking
  • Scenic Flights

You can easily fill a few days with all there is to do and see at Ruby’s Inn and Bryce Canyon National Park. 

Delicious Dining Options

Guests can enjoy a choice of dining options. Enjoy an unforgettable evening of old fashioned western fun, music and great cowboy food at Ebenezer’s Barn and Grill, open April through October.  This is a fun experience with food and entertainment, and a must do for at least one of the evenings while staying overnight. Cowboy’s Buffet & Steak Room offers breakfast, lunch and dinner daily, and the Canyon Diner features Great Western Fast Food and Freshly Baked Piccadilly Pizza.  Inside Bryce Canyon National Park visitors can also choose from The Lodge at Bryce Canyon Restaurant or Valhalla Pizzeria & Coffee Shop.  There are plenty of options to make sure guests are not hungry while at Bryce Canyon.

Be Comfortable at Ruby’s Inn

Whichever lodging type you choose, and whatever time of the year you visit, Ruby’s Inn and its history are waiting for you.  Come enjoy the beauty of Bryce Canyon National Park and add a chapter to your life that will become part of you. 

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