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Private Antelope Canyon & Horseshoe Bend Tour (Up to 10 Guests)

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Adults 18+
Child 0-17
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We will transport you to a magical place! Antelope Canyon’s sculpted sandstone walls offer memorable photo opportunities with a walkable corridor at the bottom of the slot canyon floor. It was formed by flash flood waters that rushed into the cracks of the Navajo sandstone along with the power of wind erosion. The daylight dancing through the narrow openings from the top provides multiple kinds of light reflections and colors. This amazing changing color show makes this area a popular destination for photographers and tourists. Your Antelope Canyon walking tour begins just outside of the town of Page, Arizona, overlooking magnificent Lake Powell. After meeting your Navajo guide, you will walk through a narrow sandstone canyon with incredible combinations of light, shape and color. are multiple photo opportunities and your experienced guides will share the history and culture of the area.  Also in the Page area, you will experience Horseshoe Bend Overlook, with unparalleled views over the dramatic U-shaped turn in the Colorado River. 

Antelope Canyon X

Antelope Canyon X is a unique section, is named after the Xs carved into the Navajo Sandstone created by millions of years of rainfall and wind.  You will be transported in a vehicle 3 miles to the mouth of Antelope Canyon X, where you then hike 100 meters into Antelope Canyon X. At the bottom, your Navajo guides assist you through a tour of the first slot canyon. After the first slot canyon section is complete, guides accompany you on the 200-meter walk to the second slot canyon section.  It includes 334 feet of walking, and great lighting, with occasional light beams. In the afternoon, Canyon X shows darker hues of purple and blue. There are no ladders involved in visiting Antelope Canyon X.  

Lower Antelope Canyon

This section requires visitors to descend down into the canyon using steep, narrow stairs.  There are a total of five flights of stairs throughout Lower Antelope Canyon.  It is not very difficult, as long as there are no mobility issues.  This section is narrower, and is nicknamed Corkscrew Canyon.  It is mostly V-shaped, with some A-shaped and parallel slot canyon walls, including 1335 feet of walking.  There is great lighting all day and year-round. Light beams usually appear late mornings except for in the Winter.

Price Includes

· Transportation from Las Vegas

· Admission to Antelope Canyon

· Admission to Horseshoe Bend

· Bottled Water, granola bar

What to Bring

· Bring sun protection: sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses, hat, scarf, etc.

· Wear comfortable outdoor clothing and walking shoes

· Bring extra water and snacks if desired

· Bring motion sickness medication if necessary

· Be prepared to be without cell phone signal in some areas

· Be sure to leave sufficient time between the end of this tour and any subsequent scheduled activities. The tour duration may be changed or extended due to unforeseen events such as weather or road conditions. NPE will not be responsible for missed shows, tours or flights.

· Be prepared to carry infants and young children when visiting Antelope Canyon or Horseshoe Bend as strollers are not permitted.

Antelope & Horseshoe Bend Day Tour Itinerary 

  1. You will depart in the morning from Las Vegas, and head North through the Mojave Desert.   
  2. Approximately 90 minutes later, you will pass Mesquite, Nevada and enter the Virgin River Gorge, a dramatic and beautiful canyon carved by the rushing river waters in Northwestern Arizona.  
  3. Crossing into Utah, you will travel through St. George, known as Utah’s Dixie with its mild climate.   
  4. About 4 hours into your journey, you will pass through the town of Kanabknown as Utah’s little Hollywood due to being the setting for many Western movies and centrally located to access many national parks and sites.  
  5. Arrive at the town of Page after approximately 1hour ride later and be welcomed by the Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell, the 2nd largest artificial lake in the US.  
  6. The order in which you visit the main attractions of the tour vary due to the timing of the scheduled guided Antelope tours. 
  7. Visit the part of the renowned Antelope Slot Canyon tour ushered by a local native guide and be amazed by the natural spectacle.  The guided tour will last approximately 1 hour. 
  8. Visit Horseshoe Bend Overlook, where you walk to the rim of the overlook and marvel at the bend created by the Colorado River that gave the site its namesake.  This portion of the tour will last approximately 1 hour. 
  9. Depart the town of Page for your return trip to Las Vegas, approximately 5-hour ride back to the city. 


*All times are approximate and subject to change depending on the season.”

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