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Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon Tours

Experience the mystery and beauty of Antelope Canyon with one of our multi-day tour options! This famous canyon has been sculpted and carved out by the powers of flash floods rushing to the Colorado River and summer sandstorms over hundreds of thousands of years, and is a must-see for many adventure seekers. Estimated to be hundreds of thousands of years old, the natural process of erosion has created a haven of light, color, and shape that you would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere, making Antelope Canyon tours a must-have on your list of places to explore.

There are two distinct areas found within Antelope Canyon: Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon. You will find that each area offers its own set of unique experiences and opportunities. The Upper Antelope Canyon tours are very popular, currently the most photographed slot canyon in the world, and if visited at the right time of day, you can see some of the most incredible light rays pour through the canyon. The Lower Antelope Canyon tours offer more of a challenge physically, are less crowded, and include much of the same kinds of incredible views as the Upper Antelope Canyon.

Our multi-day tours give you the opportunity to experience all that Antelope Canyon has to offer. Book your tour today!