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Have You Discovered the Surprising Boulder City Art Collection Near Las Vegas?

Statue of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

Boulder City offers a beautiful array of sculptures which range from meaningful to whimsical.

Located just 30 minutes away from the dazzling Las Vegas Strip, Boulder City offers a charming Historic District in the center of town.   Among the antique shops, cafes and historic buildings, are some surprising sculptures.

Statue made of bronze metal of a woman and her baby
Stature of little girl sitting on a ball smiling
Abstract stature of birds sitting on eggs

The majority are bronze cast, however, a number of other materials are present.  Each individual work is unique, some with cultural and historical meanings, and others just meant to entertain and delight.  The works are all within walking distance and are mostly found along with two of the main streets, Nevada Way and Arizona Street. 

A number of them reflect the local history of constructing Hoover Dam, in the 1930s.  This charming town has kept much of its character since it was established as a bedroom community to house and support workers on the dam during the depression era. The sudden boom of new workers to this desert region allowed a new town to blossom from the empty desert.

Stature of two men having a conversation

The detail and talent displayed in the various sculptures offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy and reflect on the meaning and message of each piece.  Whether a sculpture tells a tale of the past, or inspires ideas for the future, each has something important to share. 

Audio Walking Tour Sign with QR code

Boulder City offers a free guided walking tour.  There are 11 stops throughout Historic Boulder City.  You will be guided along the route which includes some discussion of the sculptures as well as other notable locations and history.  The tour starts at the famous Boulder Dam Hotel, located at 1305 Arizona Street.  There are markers at each stop to provide detailed information.  More details can be found on the website at:

Farmer man with Broom statue

“Alabam” was the first sculpture.  He was a worker at the Hoover Dam.  Alabam is wearing overalls and carries a straw broom with a chain of toilet paper rolls slung over his shoulder.  He represents one of the many “regular” workers that made the dam construction possible. His job was to sweep and clean out the outhouses.  The plaque reads: “There were muckers who shoveled mud out of the tunnels, truck drivers who hauled rock up and down the river or, like the man you see here, those who swept the outhouses and kept them well supplied with paper.”  It is a message to us all the people are important, and needed, at every level.  This message is as important to us today as it was in the 1930’s. 

This very first sculpture, a bronze and copper work, was created by a local sculptor, Steven Liguori, who also created The High Scaler near the Hoover Dam Visitor Center. 

Sculpture of Pig in Boulder City
Sculpture of Frog in Boulder City

Fun animals join thoughtful people and history, making it hard to choose just which are personal favorites.  But there are certainly enough inspiring works of art to satisfy any individual tastes.  It is important to walk around each one to view the different angles, as some look quite different from aside or behind. 

Eggcited statue for Boulder City

The art Boulder City offers a variety of themes, from the pensive and historical, to the fun and delightful.  “Eggcited” is a great example of art that was created to entertain and enchant the observer.  This piece is located near the Boulder Dam Hotel, seen in the background, which is the beginning of the walking tour. 

Southwest Diner Restaurant on Fifth St.
The Coffee Cup Cafe - Great American Food
Boulder Dam Museum Gallery Hotel on Arizona St.

The art draws visitors to Boulder City, and Boulder City draws visitors to the art.  Many visitors plan a visit to the area to experience the history or some cultural charm, and find out about these artistic surprises.  Other art aficionados hear about the collection and stumble into the antique shops or famous diners such as The Southwest Diner or The Coffee Cup Cafe.

boulder city express bus parked on side of road

Getting to Boulder City is easy with Boulder City Express, offering shuttles from hotels on the Las Vegas Strip directly to the Historic District.  For visitors with their own car, it is about a 30 minute drive.  Boulder City offers many adventure activities and tours, as well as being close to Hoover Dam and Lake Mead National Recreation Area. 

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