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Grand Canyon West Admission with Optional Skywalk

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Famous Viewpoints of West Rim:
Eagle Point
The cliffs of the Grand Canyon West Rim can be likened to wood chopping, but elevated to a terraforming scale. You can almost make out where the axe falls from the gash-like swaths of seemingly bottomless valley. The most prominent of such is eagle-shaped and how Eagle Point came to be named. According to traditional Hualapai oral legend, the ancient locals lived in the valley totally unaware of the impending flash flood. The Great Creator then sent a divine eagle to warn them of the flood, and the messenger perched atop the cliff and merged with the rock into the form it is today. Another interesting tidbit of information is that bald eagles are a common sight around there; it is as if they have been silently standing vigil over this land all these hundred millennia.

Guano Point
Located at a great bend in the Grand Canyon, Guano Point’s summit requires a relatively long hike on loose gravel. Once it’s reached however, you are treated to a 3600 panoramic vantage point of the entire West Rim that stands on a high slope. The view overlooks the calm flow of the Colorado River deep in the North sandwiched by towering multi-layered canyon wall. Beyond even that, the river can be followed by sight into the distant cluster of mountain ranges covered by clouds with shifting color hues brought on by the sunset. All these elements combine to form a surreal dreamscape that needs to be seen to believe! To the East is where the aforementioned bend turns and where you get a front-seat view of the emanated overwhelming majestic sight of the canyon. It is without a doubt that this vantage point has the best view in all of the West Rim.

West Rim Attractions:
1. Skywalk:
Experience the incredible and unique Skywalk bridge, an attraction like no other. This state-of-the art open-air glass walkway is an architectural marvel which extends 70 feet from the cliff of Eagle Point rim and hangs over the edge, 4000 feet above the canyon floor. Built by the Hualapai Tribe at the Canyon’s West Rim, the Skywalk provide you a stunning new perspective, allowing “720-degree” breathtaking views of one of nature’s most fantastic displays.  

2. Helicopter & Boat:
To fully experience the Grand Canyon, you need to descend to the canyon floor, which would normally take a lot of time and relatively rigorous hiking. Do not fret however, we offer the chance to make it to the canyon floor in minutes minus the hassle. By taking our helicopter & boat package upgrade, we offe you a way to save all that time and effort so you can better spend it elsewhere! Start by climbing aboard a million-dollar helicopter equipped with forward facing seats and large vista windows and be awe-struck by the seemingly expanding and deepening stone walls as you descend a mile below the rim to the canyon floor. Upon landing, switch gears and board a waiting pontoon boat for a cruise down the Colorado River, the same river that helped carve the Grand Canyon into what it is today, a process which began since millions of years ago. Next, re-board the helicopter for your ascent to the canyon rim above for another chance at marveling its spectacular view. Then take break at Guano Point where you have the chance to grab some lunch and feel free to walk the rim to see even more amazing views from a top of the rim perspective. Next, move on to Eagle’s Point where you will have the option to enhance the tour with “Skywalk Experience.” Then visit the Hualapai Tribe Village at your own pace, where we recommend checking out the native dances and shows, along with the opportunity to pick up hand crafted jewelry and so much more.

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What to Bring:





Comfortable walking shoes


Additional Terms and Conditions:

Destination’s security protocols mandates that no carry-ons the size of a small backpack or larger are permitted. Please leave any luggage at your place of stay.    Please note that traffic and weather may affect your travel time to arrive at Grand Canyon West.  Alcohol is not allowed at Grand Canyon West.  Staff reserves the rights to refuse services to guests who appear to be intoxicated or under the influence of controlled drug substances; these guests will not be eligible for a refund.

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