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David Lusvardi

27 Important Questions for Visiting Antelope Canyon

Where is Antelope Canyon? Antelope Canyon is located in Northern Arizona, near the city of Page.
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Why Bryce Canyon is so Unique?

Every National Park has unique features and distinct beauty that help it qualify for the designation. Bryce offers a dazzling...
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Surprisingly Good, Free Las Vegas Attractions

You have probably seen a list of free attractions before, for someplace you have visited. Often, the list includes a...
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Answers You Want to Know About Hoover Dam

What’s Hoover Dam? Hoover Dam was built to control flooding of the Colorado River in through the agricultural region of...
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7 Reasons to Visit Grand Canyon West

Have you ever walked on a Glass Bridge? What about over the edge of the Grand Canyon? You can enjoy...
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las vegas strip aerial view

Heights & Flights in Las Vegas

  Are you ready for your adrenaline close-up? Paris is the City of Lights, Hollywood is the City of Mights,...
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Grand Canyon Sunset 1

23 Questions You Need to Know When Visiting the Grand Canyon

Where is the Grand Canyon located? The Grand Canyon is in the northern section of the state of Arizona, in...
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UVC-LED Light Technology

National Park Express Premiers UVC-LED

Light Technology on Tours National Park Express Premiers UVC-LED Light Technology on Tours Visitors now have a safer and healthier...
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The Atomic Age in Las Vegas, Nevada!

The Atomic Age in Las Vegas, Nevada! by David Lusvardi Atomic Las Vegas Decades ago, Las Vegas flirted heavily with...
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Couple in forest landscape

5 Romantic National Park Getaways

National parks can provide some of the most romantic experiences, so get extra cuddly with someone you love when you...
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Our NPE Story Overcoming Covid

A Positive Story about National Park Express Overcoming COVID-19’s Business Impact At the beginning… 2020 started very well! The business...
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12 Important People of the Grand Canyon

Francisco Vázquez de Coronado (1510-1554) Coronado led an expedition in 1540 through the American Southwest, part of Mexico at the...
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