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Antelope Canyon Tours

Come enjoy the unique and awe-inspiring beauty found within Antelope Canyon, located near Page, Arizona. A haven for photographers and social media enthusiasts, this slot canyon is full of bright light beams, vibrant color, and rare, wave-like walls. The artistry found within this canyon is thanks to millions of years of water erosion, and the product is truly a sight to see.

Open all year long, this is definitely a location all outdoor enthusiasts will want to experience and should add to their bucket lists. However, guided tours are a requirement since it’s located on Navajo land. A Lower Antelope Canyon tour will prove to be brighter and more narrow, with a staircase to get you into the canyon. An Upper Antelope Canyon tour is wider at the bottom, and is the ideal area to get the iconic light beam shots that this area is so famous for showcasing! An Antelope Canyon tour will certainly prove to be an adventure you don’t want to miss out on.

Be sure you always dress for the weather and respect the sacredness of the land. You are experiencing a treasured part of Navajo Nation culture and land and we ask you to treat it with the utmost respect.

How Many Antelope Canyon Tours Are There?

Antelope Canyon Wash is approximately 30 miles long and includes a number of different sections.  Several local tour companies offer walking tours through the different sections.  Each section is different, but all offer beautiful presentations of light, color, and shape.

A visit to any canyon must be with a tour company and include a guide.  All are on Navajo land and charge a separate Indian Environmental Protection fee of $8.00 per person in addition to their tour price.  Generally, tickets for specific times need to be booked in advance.

Upper Antelope Canyon: A-shaped canyon, easy walking, 660 feet of walking, light beams hit canyon floor April-August

Lower Antelope Canyon: A-shaped, V-shaped and parallel slot canyon walls, 1335 feet of walking, great lighting all day, year-round, light beams appear late mornings except for Winter, some steep stairs to climb down in

Secret Antelope Canyon: A-shaped and V-shaped, ½ mile total walking, great lighting most of the day, allows taking video as well. Secret Canyon is part of the Antelope Canyon system and is still an undiscovered gem, spectacular and photogenic but without the crowds.

Canyon X: Named after area in canyon that forms an X, 334 feet of walking, great lighting, after 2pm darker hues of purple and blue show more, occasional light beams

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